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As a roofing company owner you are busy with the day to day tasks of finding and servicing clients. We understand your business and the reality that in most companies, the leadership must wear many hats for the company to stay in existence. Not only do we understand your core business, but we also understand your potential clients. In partnering with Brand Marketing Agency for your internet marketing, we will become your marketing team using Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and Video Marketing which will drive phone calls & emails of clients looking for your services.

Our skilled team understands that the most important factor in determining the success of a campaign is impacting your bottom line. Our internet marketing for roofer campaigns are carefully crafted to provide your company with maximum amount of exposure to drive leads online within your budget. Internet marketing is not a one-size-fits-all type of product. You have probably received hundreds of spam emails with the promises that some companies or individuals will get you listed on Google. The difference between our agency and those claims is that we do not use Black Hat methods(unethical methods to trick search engines to believe your site should receive higher rankings). We carefully construct a campaign that will leave you with longer lasting results. Here is our general process:

Initial Client Analysis
A business is only as good as it’s reputation. We start the process by making sure that you have a website that will convert viewers into clients. It is critical that we can build credibility for your brand and convert those looking for your service into paying clients. After all, it’s pretty useless to send hot leads to a presence that won’t convert them. In the initial client analysis we dissect your roofing business and pay attention to the details so that we have an in-depth knowledge of your specific business. The types of questions that we ask at this point pertain to your customer base, area of operation, nature of inquiries and extent of services offered. With this knowledge we will craft your unique campaign.

Market Research of your Roofing Business
After understanding your perspective, our next step would be to understand your market and competitors. At this point we look at your competitors successes and your position in the current market. If there is another roofing company in your area, offering similar services and currently receiving large amounts of internet traffic, then we would review their website and marketing tactics. Understanding what is working for them and understanding the differences between the businesses will allow us to improve upon items that are currently working to gain high search engine rankings for roofing related keywords.

Keyword Analysis
Selecting the correct keywords is the true lifeline of search engine optimization. This is an area where we would spend quality time. Since the nature of internet marketing is dynamic, thru out the campaign we will pay attention to the keywords which are converting and others that aren’t working well to replace them with more effective roofing keywords. Our goal in selecting keywords is to identify those which will provide maximum traffic for people who are specifically looking for your roofing services.

Website Design
We touched briefly on website design in the initial client analysis. You may currently have a website and in this instance we would do an analysis to make sure that the current site will work for our needs. At this point, we can make modifications needed to ensure that the traffic coming to your site has the highest likelihood of being converted into paying customers. We also would make changes to achieve successful optimization in the eyes of Google.

If you do not have a website, we can create a clean website for your business that will build credibility for your roofing business and easily drive viewers to contact you for your services. Since many people may be looking for your services on a mobile device or an iPad, we would optimize the site to be user friendly on those devices.

Link Building
At this point, we have a built a solid brand for your roofing business. Building back-links is one of the more effective ways to improve your rankings in the search engines and is a vital piece of the optimization process.
Back-links are actually links from other websites which link to your site, which help show popularity.

Social Media
The reality is that social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. are where a large portion of your potential clients are on a daily basis. We utilize these platforms to help you build a solid brand within these platforms. It is a great place for your business to communicate directly with potential customers. We focus on driving leads from these platforms with our social media marketing.

This is one of the most important yet overlooked portions of internet marketing. Things are always changing online. It is critical for us to measure regularly what is working and what is not, so that we can provide maximum results.