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With the masses of our population using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on a daily basis, it can become simple to overlook how we are viewed by the public.

Every day, we leave small fingerprints from the sites we are viewing, apps that we are logging into, and they (the apps and websites) even make it easier for us by logging in with our social media details. All these applications want to gain access to our personal details, and in “reality” we give them based on convenience. The real question here is, “Is the Internet becoming our new social security card number”?

Before you get hired, employers view your social media pages as a part of their qualifying of a candidate. Creditors shouldn’t use this type of access as a way to verify, but it is interesting that we leave the trail for them to find if they choose. Your long lost best friend from third grade, can find out about your entire life, with one search on Google. Facebook and Instagram chronicle just about everything that you do. If you think this fingerprint is just a personal trail, think again.

If you are a professional or run a business, the reality is that the trail can be extremely damaging. The reality here is that very seldom does a happy customer leave a review stating how great you were. However, a malicious or unsatisfied customer now has a stage to let the world know how much you suck. The truth is that online reviews really do matter. Think about this simple logic. If you are looking to buy a new 4K television, there is a high likelihood that you will try to review it online before purchasing. I highly doubt that you would be interested in a TV that has 40 out of 45 negative reviews.

As a matter of fact, that TV would be scratched off the list and on to the next one. This is the same approach that your customers have about you and your brand. And since the shift in good reviews to negative reviews is not in your favor, it is important to control the perception of your brand.

We check our credit scores to understand our credit health. It is also important for us to check our new digital social security number. The Digital Fingerprint.

At Brand Marketing Agency, we understand the importance of building a successful brand. One of the most important parts of building a brand is protecting it. We provide a Reputation Management service that helps build a positive fingerprint for your brand online. It is impossible to keep every angry customer away, but we manage those items by responding accordingly, as well as optimising positive content, which pushes down negative feedback. Whether thru our agency or on your own, it is critical that you get your yearly exam, as you would at a doctor’s office.