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“The world is extremely big and small all at the same time. Local searches have revolutionized how we find the things we need.” says Frederick Addo, CEO of Brand Marketing Agency, a Jacksonville Web Design company. As we continue to hear about how we are all competing at a global level, it is extremely important to realize the value that you have as a local business. People today want immediate results and convenience. This is the reason that local searching is so popular. If you are looking for an attorney, plumber, doctor or any other service professional, we go to Google and type in what we’re looking for. Then Google gives what it considers the best search results. As a business owner, if your company is not found, you are clearly missing out on business.
The big difference about the web and any other form of advertising is that, the user is clearly looking for your service or product. With other forms of advertising, you are putting out a message and hoping that the right person sees or hears your message.

But, how does your business benefit from Jacksonville web design? Once we do a search online, a variety of options are presented to us. Our human intuition makes us rank these options on our own. The first thing we do is look at a company website and automatically size up the company. This is where an experienced web design company steps in. We are all familiar with the niece, nephew and family friend that designs sites in their spare time or to earn a couple bucks; but there is a huge difference with dealing with a professional firm. The look-and-feel of the site is important, but should not trump functionality. Because of all the options available, we need to be able to grab the attention of our potential client immediately and show the business’ expertise. It is critical that your business has a website that is user friendly and that viewers can find all of the info they need in the shortest amount of clicks possible.

The reality is the highest listed site in the organic search results that has the right information and right look usually wins the business. When is the last time that you gave your business to the company on page 27 of the search results? We want to find what we need quickly, and most people don’t have much time for lots of searching. A good Jacksonville web design company knows the Jacksonville market. They know how to effectively market to the Jacksonville area and can provide a comprehensive solution to get your site to look great, perform well and get you results.

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